The workshop that will change your destiny:

Heal from past relationships & finally find the relationship of your dreams!

Join us for this special live event:

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February 21th, 2023

3 pm PST | 6pm EST

10am AEDT (Feb 13th in Aus.)

Hosted by Kevin Gonzales

NLP, Hypnotherapy, Magnetic Mind Attraction

This exclusive workshop is for you if...

💗 If you need to heal from anger, resentment and hurt caused by a previous relationship. (even if it wasn’t obviously toxic)

💗 If you need to re-learn to let your guard down and open yourself back up to being loved.

💗 If you feel like the type of relationship you’re choosing is one sided, and you keep putting in all of the effort with little to no return.

💗 Want to feel wildly confident in any room, or at the table with absolutely anyone.

💗 Want to learn to glow so bright you turn every head. 

💗 Want to attract men who are looking for true love and deep relationships. (not wham-bam thank you mams)

💗 Want to magnetize a beautiful new beginning.

Watch this 👇

Don’t miss this chance to change your love life for the better!

During the webinar you will realize what has been holding you back all along to get the relationship you totally deserve. But more importantly, what you can do about it today!

Limited seats available.

It's no secret that dating can kinda suck.

We're living in a world where we're all just trying to guess what the opposite sex wants...

There's so much "shiny object" syndrome we almost have whiplash from the left and right swipes.

How are you supposed to even get anyone's attention with all of the distractions, let alone keep is and build a strong relationship?

But, you CAN live with a raw magnetism that makes you feel healed and free!

What if you could naturally tap into, and activate the quality that every woman poses that men find absolutely irresistible?

Imagine finding a relationship where the love and effort is equal and powerful.

Learn the secret to opening a man’s eyes to the fact that you’re like no woman he’s ever met or ever will meet. 

Hear it from some of the women who's lives have transformed for the better:

"Now I'm creating the life that I love as Kevin has helped me realize that whatever visions I have in life, I'll be able to achieve them"

"Kevin had this unique way of driving you towards the path that you want to get on, your true purpose. I've had so much clarity, I feel a lot more positive about my life and where it's going."

"It wasn't about what I was going through, it was about what I could do with it to get where I wanted to go, to become a better person, to achieve my goals and overcome my obstacles"

About Kevin

After spending the majority of my life in toxic relationships (including family), I’ve encountered narcissistic behavior, people-pleasing behavior, savior-victim relationships, anxious-avoidant traps, and more… It wasn't until I asked myself one important question… 

“Why am I attracting these relationships into my life?” Why does it keep repeating?

I then began to learn about my own traumas and wounding. And that my “toxic” partners were just the other side of trauma bonding meaning both of us were equally insecure, wounded and hurt. 

I began a long journey working with coaches, therapists, energy healing, taking plant medicine and diving into the depths of my darkness that I didn't even know was there. Many times I felt like I was going to die, but as I sat in the darkness I started reemerging into the light like a phoenix rising from the ashes. 

Through this journey, I developed an organic and intuitive approach to coaching. On the cognitive side, deep intuition and pattern recognition of client’s challenges. On the emotional and subconscious side, neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis and meditation to guide clients into the deepest parts of themselves to heal any wounds or trauma to break these patterns once and for all.

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